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When Dell discovered what the miniatures were being used for, he forgave her and rationalized her actions.In order to protect her, Dell falsely confessed to being the Miniature Killer, and committed suicide on a live video feed that went directly to Gil Grissom.

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Her medication wasn’t found at the scene, leading Grissom’s team to assume that stealing the medication was the motive of the murder.

This led to the suspicion that Penny’s reformed-junkie of a nephew was the murderer.

His body was sprawled in a chair and leaning forwards onto the table.

They determined that the cause of death was a single blow delivered to the back of a head with a rolling pin. It was a perfect diorama of the kitchen, and even included objects in the garbage and placement of Delancy's blood.

Natalie's younger sister (age 4), pushed to her death from a treehouse.

Grissom and his team found the washed-up rock star dead in his kitchen in the episode Built to Kill, Part 2.However, this theory was put aside when the nephew brought forward a miniature model depicting the murder scene, which was apparently delivered shortly after the CSIs left the scene.After Penny’s autopsy revealed that she had ingested a lethal amount of liquid nicotine, Grissom and his team noted that there were traces of glue on the model of Penny’s back, and on the chair that she had been sitting in.This led them to believe that the killer had assumed that Penny would have died in her chair from her poisoned cherry brandy, not expecting her to go into convulsions.As Penny stood up in her spastic fits, the killer revealed herself, previously hiding behind Penny, and threw Penny through the window.These dollhouses are explored in detail in the documentary Of Dolls and Murder.

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