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Also Pavman i have redownloaded it and teamviewer will probably be necassary if i can't get in here soon, and i currently can not find those two folders in local I didn't check that yet, I was installing updates because sometimes Windows update is the problem to some causes, I had him restart then I will dive deeper to try to find some more information about it.

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vrender2014.dlr, vray2014etc); (*) Added a "Divide shading subdivs" parameter in the image sampler to prevent V-Ray from balancing shading subdivs vs AA subdivs for those users that find it confusing; (*) Hair&Fur properties are taken from the source object (except the "Renderable" property); (*) Exposed in the UI the option for direct visualization of caustics calculations; (*) Added an option to control DOF/moblur subdivisions for the Adaptive subdivision image sampler; (*) When the maximum transparency level is reached, return the environment color rather than black; (*) VRay Skin Mtl: The material now respects the global "Linear workflow" option; (*) VRay Metaball Tex renamed to VRay Particle Tex and can be used to read colors from Alembic particles; (*) VRay Light: Removed the "Ignore light normals" from the UI; (*) V-Ray RT CPU: Internally uses the production renderer core running in progressive mode; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Use different GPU code depending on the features used in the scene; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Faster loading of textures; (*) VRay Physical Camera: Bitmap aperture now has "affect exposure" option; (*) VRay Proxy: Added an option to force remap mapping channels so that they always start from 1; (*) VRay HDRI: Added a "View image" button that opens a 3ds Max bitmap buffer with the texture; (*) VRay HDRI: Added support for single-channel TIFF and .tx/files; (*) VRay Light: Dome lights are now always created with intensity 1.0 instead of the default 30; (*) VFB: The numpad 1-9 keys can also be used to switch between recent images; (*) VFB: Ability to load arbitrary file formats; (*) VFB: Clicking on a slider for HSL, color balance or brightness/contrast now sets the value; (*) VFB: A color correction rollout can now be hidden or expanded by clicking on its title; (*) VRay Physical Camera: Renamed the "offset" and "shift" parameter to the more correct photographic terms "shift" and "tilt" respectively; (*) VRay Physical Camera: Added an option to prevent custom bitmap aperture from affecting exposure; Bug fixes: (*) Different buckets with probabilistic lights and DR; (*) VRay IES: Lights with different power from the default could produce different buckets in DR; (*) VRay IES: Fixed slow rendering compared to V-Ray 2.x; (*) VRay Proxy: Alembic particles didn't work correctly with irradiance map and motion blur; (*) VRay Proxy: Alembic particles rendered black with light cache enabled; (*) VRay Proxy: Velocity render element didn't work with Alembic hair and particles; (*) VRay Light: Fixed an issue with spherical lights when "Use texture" was enabled; (*) VRay Light: The options for previewing the directional parameter were not grayed out for non-rectangle lights; (*) VRay Light: Fixed a glitch when creating dome lights; (*) VRay Light: Incorrect rendering of non-uniformly scaled lights with directionality greater than 0.0; (*) VRay Light: When looking through a sphere light, black parts of the geometry could appear; (*) VRay Light: Fixed issues with dome lights with the "Lock to dome orientation" option enabled; (*) VRay Light: Textured dome lights could appear pixelated to the camera and in reflections; (*) Hair&Fur: Mapped scale of Hair&Fur could take the entire RAM; (*) VRay Hair Farm Mod: Fixed flickering with motion blur when the hairs change the number of knots between frames; (*) VRay HDRI: Modified bitmaps were not transferred properly to DR servers when "Transfer missing assets" was enabled; (*) VRay HDRI: Lists all supported image formats by default; (*) VFB: Fixed a crash when trying to apply lens effects to an image loaded from the VFB history; (*) VFB: The HSL and color balance corrections were not saved in the 3ds Max scene; (*) VFB: Some of the new color corrections were not taken in account when displaying corrected pixel info; (*) VFB: The curves were not updated properly if the numerical input fields were used; (*) VFB: HSL color correction didn't work unless there is at least one other correction enabled; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed mixed up materials with Rail Clone objects; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed issues with animated proxy objects; (*) V-Ray RT: Support for VRay Bump Mtl; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed crashes and corrupted 3ds Max window after closing Active Shade in 3ds Max 2014 with Enhanced Menus enabled; (*) V-Ray RT: Right-click menu in Active Shade could be flooded with "Missing" entries; (*) V-Ray RT: The scene translation time was counted as render time; (*) V-Ray RT: Wrong Z-depth render element with the "invert z-depth" option enabled; (*) V-Ray RT CPU: Fixed a crash with animated displacement; (*) V-Ray RT CPU: Fixed incorrect results with tags; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed crashes when starting rendering; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Forest Pro did not work correctly; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Reflection environment and background were added randomly to a light select element; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Invisible lights affected the Z-Depth render element; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed artifacts with Multi/Sub material and VRay Normal Map on Forest Pro objects; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: The "compensate camera exposure" option for the VRay Light Mtl material didn't work; (*) The "Max ray intensity" parameter could introduce color shifts; (*) Fixed rare crashes with tiled textures and dynamic geometry when the dynamic memory limit was reached; (*) DR: Saving of servers inside the scene file did not work; (*) DR: Fixed multiple transfers of assets with Unicode characters; (*) DR: Missing assets could incorrectly prevent other assets from being transferred to the render servers; (*) VRay Metaball: Fixed a crash when a velocity render element was present in the scene; (*) Render mask: Irradiance map was calculated even for parts of the image not covered by the mask; (*) Embree: V-Ray failed to load when 3ds Max was started with an affinity mask set from the command prompt; (*) Some V-Ray materials did not generate proper material IDs; (*) Fixed crash with Fume FX render elements; (*) Added support for alpha channel from Fume FX render elements; (*) VRay Skin Mtl: The primary reflection glossiness map didn't work, just the numeric value; (*) VRay OCIO: The file was not read correctly if the system decimal symbol was comma; (*) VRay Light Meter: Fixed incorrect results due to probabilistic light sampling; New features: (*) VRay Skin Mtl material; (*) VRay Proxy: Initial support for particles in Alembic files; (*) VFB: New color corrections - contrast, HSL, color balance; (*) VRay Ornatrix Mod and VRay Hair Farm Mod: Added options for dynamic view-dependent hair tesselation; (*) VRay Option Re: Added an option to save three-channel alpha in deep Open EXR 2 files for compatibility with Houdini; (*) VRay User Color and VRay User Scalar textures for reading data directly from a Node's User Properties; (*) V-Ray RT: Support for Rail Clone instancing; Modified features: (*) Right-click on a UI switcher allows to switch all rollups to Basic/Advanced/Expert views; (*) Updated to Embree 2.0; (*) VRay OCIOTex: Added an "auto" option to try and automatically convert textures to linear space; (*) VRay VRmat Mtl: Added a preview of the currently selected .vrmat/.vismat material in the Open File dialog when browsing for a file; (*) VRay VRmat Mtl: Added and as valid texture file names; (*) VRay Multi Sub Tex: Added an option to preserve the alpha of the sub-textures; (*) VRay Fur: Ability to specify face material ID for the hairs; (*) V-Ray will now print a performance warning in the messages window if the 3ds Max bitmap pager is enabled; (*) VRay Clipper: Added an option to exclude the light coming in result of cutted geometry; (*) .vrscene exporter: Make .vrscene exporter's Export and render button render the whole sequence; (*) VRay Ornatrix Mod and VRay Hair Farm Mod: Implement global hair tree support; (*) Support for %d and %0nd tags in file names for irradiance maps, light caches, photon maps and caustics maps; (*) VRay Light: More robust sampling of small rectangle lights; (*) VRay Hair Mtl: Reduced noise on transparent hairs; (*) VRay GLSLMtl and VRay GLSLTex: Added the ability to type a shader directly in the Material Editor; (*) VRay GLSL: Added a __VRAY_HOST__ macro that expands to the version of vray.dll; (*) Quick settings: Added the possibility to save custom presets; (*) VFB: Multithreaded file save with the "Split channels" option is disabled due to instabilities; (*) VRay Fake Fresnel: Now exposed in the UI; (*) V-Ray RT: Improved refresh rate and responsiveness; Bug fixes: (*) 3.0 slower than 2.4 in some cases; (*) VFB: Color clamp button selection state not saved when button not pushed; (*) VFB: The UI colors should match the 3ds Max color scheme; (*) VRay Distance Tex: Setting tex_inside_separate_on:true for a VRay Distance Tex constructor from Max Script causes system exception; (*) Unnecessary repeated asset transfer after a texture is changed once; (*) VRay Car Paint Mtl and VRay Flake Mtl: Wrong material name in info message in 3ds Max 2013 and later; (*) VRay Hair Info Tex: Did not work properly with Hair&Fur; (*) DR: Render servers failed to join a DR render; (*) VRay BPTracer: Image rendered with BDPT turns black when Glare effect is applied; (*) Hair&Fur: The "Visible to camera " option for distribution object was not inherited by Hair&Fur; (*) VRay VRmat Mtl: Fixed issues with non latin characters in VRMat material; (*) VRay VRmat Mtl: Correct default values for Tex Cloth; (*) VRay VRmat Mtl: Loading some .vrmat files in scene caused 3ds Max to crash; (*) VRay VRmat Mtl: The vrmat editor preview should have gamma 2.2 applied; (*) VRay Light Mtl is black in Multi Matte render element when using material ID; (*) Reflection/Refraction exclude lists in the V-Ray object properties didn't work with groups; (*) VRay Light: Fixed issues with targets when creating new lights; (*) VRay IES: Fixed a rare crash when loading scenes with VRay IES; (*) Fixed rare crash with progressive sampler; (*) Some bake elements has duplicate class names of other plugins; (*) Render mask did not work with the VRay Stereoscopic helper; (*) VRay Proxy: Fixed issues with Alembic with dynamic topology and visibility lists; (*) VRay Mtl: "Affect all channels" didn't work with glossy reflections for some render elements; (*) VRay Clipper: Strange result when used on Editable Poly with intersecting attached elements; (*) VRay Sun: Should return the true intensity in the viewport if VRay Exposure Control is active in Nitrous; (*) VRay Fur: Fixed crash when accidentally rendering with the scanline renderer; (*) Render mask: Drag and drop of textures to the render mask button was not working; (*) VFB: When opening a scene with bloom/glare masks turned on, lens effects were not applied after the first rendering; (*) VRay Metaball: Negative particles rendered as positive; (*) Artifacts with motion blur and shutter efficiency less than 1.0; (*) V-Ray RT: Swirl texture prevented V-Ray RT from starting; (*) V-Ray RT: Rendering production while RT was running in VFB would lock RT properties until VFB is closed; (*) V-Ray RT: Saving images from V-Ray RT as production renderer didn't work with the V-Ray VFB enabled; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Fixed issues with Multi/Sub-object materials on dynamic geometry (instances); New features: (*) DR settings: Option to exclude the local machine from DR rendering; (*) DR settings: Options to automatically transfer and cache render assets to the DR servers (3ds Max 2010 and later); (*) VRay Fast SSS2: Raytraced mode for multiple scattering; (*) VRay HDRI: Added an option for ground environment projection; (*) VRay Proxy: Support for Alembic 1.5; (*) VRay Proxy: Ability to specify starting path in Alembic files; (*) VRay Displacement Mod: Support for Ptex object-space vector displacement; (*) Lens analyzer: Ability to analyze distortion in arbitrary images; (*) Render mask: Added two new modes: include/exclude list and by layer name; (*) VFB: Option to automatically save each render in the history (enabled from the VFB history options dialog); (*) The full version of V-Ray Standalone is now included in the installation; (*) Added a new camera type "Spherical panorama" for equirectangular panoramas (similar to "Spherical" but allows manual control of the vertical FOV); Modified features: (*) VRay Physical Camera: Newly created objects are named "VRay Cam001" etc; (*) VRay HDRI: Faster shutting down of 3ds Max when "clear on render end" for tiled textures is disabled; (*) VRay Mtl and VRay Fast SSS2: Print information about which materials require prepass interpolation maps; (*) VRay IES: The light dimensions are now shown in scene units in the UI; (*) "Reinhard" color mapping is now the default color mapping mode; (*) Added per-object motion blur duration setting in the V-Ray object properties dialog; (*) V-Ray RT: Now uses the V-Ray VFB when enabled in the production renderer; (*) V-Ray RT: Up to 5x faster initial scene transfer to render servers; (*) V-Ray RT: Automatic asset transfer to the render servers; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Reduced noise on VRay Blend Mtl materials; (*) VRay Proxy: The default preview mode is "preview from file (faces)" as it's faster in Nitrous; (*) Embree: Now is always compiled with pure SSE2 so that it works on older hardware; Bug fixes: (*) Hair&Fur: Multiple Hair&Fur materials swap randomly between different modifier instances in the same stack; (*) Hair&Fur: Crashes with VRay Light Mtl material; (*) VRay Proxy: Preview was always as faces instead of edges in Nitrous; (*) VRay Proxy: Alembic hair preview could not be selected in the viewport; (*) VRay Physical Camera: Greyed out "Autogrid" in latest builds; (*) Quick settings: Slow update when changing the shading quick settings if render globals are open; (*) VRay OSLMtl and VRay OSLTex: Problems with OSL shaders with ',' as the system decimal symbol; (*) VRay HDRI and VRay Proxy: Convert file paths to UNC option didn't work for these; (*) VRay HDRI: The Browse button does not work if the texture file name contains tag; (*) VRay HDRI: The "Show Map in Viewport" button was not working; (*) VRay Fast SSS2: Phase Function = 1 produced Na N pixels; (*) VRay BPTracer: Crash when rendering VRay Metaball objects; (*) VRay BPTracer: Materials with glossiness less than 1.0 rendered incorrectly; (*) VRay Stereoscopic: Stereoscopic rendering through shade maps was not working in beta 1.1; (*) VRay Metaball: Fixed crashes when rendering with the V-Ray VFB; (*) VRay Metaball: Incorrect renders with the irradiance map; (*) VRay Metaball: Incorrect surface normals in some cases; (*) VRay Metaball: Fixed incorrect motion blur in some cases; (*) VRay Render ID render element: XML output was not correct in 3ds Max 2013 and later due to Unicode; (*) V-Ray object properties: Fixed incorrect setting of properties when multiple objects are selected; (*) VFB: The entire history was reloaded when saving an image into the history; (*) The V-Ray caustics Auto save option is errorneously named casutics_auto Save in Max Script; (*) Fixed override issue with V-Ray object properties when selecting multiple objects; (*) The V-Ray log file was not redirected properly when loading a scene with modified log file path; (*) No shadows behind glass with "cast shadows" disabled; (*) VRScene exporter didn't work for SSS2 materials; (*) Deep Open EXR 2 files continued to be written even after a render has been cancelled; (*) Distributed rendering didn't work after rendering with V-Ray RT; (*) Fixed crash with multithreaded saving of render elements when using the "split render channels" option; Modified features: (*) VRay VRmat Mtl: The material can now read and render materials from .vrscene files; (*) VRay HDRI can now load unlimited number of Open EXR tiled texture files; (*) VRay Mtl: The default value for the cutoff parameter is now 0.005; (*) V-Ray RT: Added option to disable initial image undersampling; Bug fixes: (*) V-Ray didn't load on Windows XP and Windows Vista; (*) Fixed increased noise compared to V-Ray 2.x in specific situations; (*) Fixed darker GI compared to V-Ray 2.x in specific situation; (*) Fixed darker reflections compared to V-Ray 2.x in specific situations; (*) Fixed freeze or crash with "Separate render channels" option; (*) The "separate channels" file name box did not update correctly; (*) Fixed horizontal line artifacts with the Progressive sampler; (*) Fixed issues with texture baking; (*) Fixed issues with render subset and objects with visibility less than 1.0; (*) Fixed occasional corrupted deep image files; (*) Fixed crash after loading scenes with VRay Environment Fog; (*) Fixed render hang with materials using the Raytrace map; (*) Fixed noise threshold issue with the Progressive sampler; (*) Fixed a crash with probabilistic lights in certain situations involving VRay Light Mtl materials; (*) Embree: Fixed artifacts with transparent surfaces; (*) VRay Hair Info Tex: Support for hair colors from Alembic files; (*) VRay Open Color IO texture: various fixes; (*) VRay BPTracer: buckets started where they were last cancelled; (*) VRay Proxy: fixed a viewport display issue with Alembic hair in 3ds Max 2011; (*) VRay Proxy: added multiplier for hair width from Alembic files; (*) VRay Proxy: fixed issues with Alembic files containing meshes with changing topology; (*) VRay BPTracer: fixed black pixels in certain situations; (*) V-Ray RT scene exporter: fixed a problem when exporting VRay Fast SSS2 material; (*) V-Ray RT: Fixed issues with the noise threshold not working correctly; New features: (*) New progressive image sampler; (*) Simplified main renderer user interface: basic/advanced/expert views for some rollouts; help shortcut buttons; (*) Extensive optimizations for render speed, especially when using brute force GI; (*) The Intel Embree library is now integrated into the V-Ray core for static and motion-blurred geometry; (*) Probabilistic light sampling for scenes with many lights; (*) Support for render texture mask and render subset from selected objects; (*) Added reflection/refraction trace sets in the V-Ray object settings dialog; (*) New streamlined installer; (*) VRay Physical Camera: Support for bitmap aperture and optical vignetting; (*) VFB: ability to write deep images (Open EXR 2/vrst/vrsm); (*) VFB: Support for Open Color IO color correction; (*) VFB: Lens effects can be applied directly in the VFB; (*) VRay HDRI: Support for and tags; (*) VRay HDRI: Support for tags in the bitmap file name based on the node user properties; (*) VRay Ornatrix Mod: Optimized rendering and reduced memory usage; (*) VRay Proxy: Ability to render hair from Alembic files; (*) New "Max ray intensity" parameter to help deal with fireflies in glossy reflections; (*) VRay OSLMtl and VRay OSLTex: new material and texture with support for the Open Shading Language; (*) VRay VRmat Mtl material for rendering .vrmat/.vismat files; (*) VRay Fast SSS2: Option for geometry-based sampling for the illumination map; (*) VRay Metaballs: a new geometric object; (*) VRay Clipper: a new geometric object; (*) V-Ray toolbar with a button that shows the Quick Presets window; (*) VRay LUT, VRay ICC and VRay Open Color IO textures; (*) V-Ray RT GPU: Support for most render elements; (*) VRay BPTracer: Initial support for vertex merging; Modified features: (*) VRay Ptex: Updated the Ptex library to the latest version; (*) VRay Ptex: Rewritten the Ptex library texture cache for better multithreading on many-core machines; (*) VFB: Ability to switch between the most recent images in the history using the 1-9 keys; (*) VFB: Ability to switch between render elements in the VFB using Page Up and Page Down; (*) VFB: The history thumbnails in the VFB now have s RGB color correction if the s RGB setting is enabled; (*) VFB: Support for the "track mouse" option in the VFB for stereo renders; (*) VFB: "Compare" button to toggle comparison view on/off; (*) VFB: Add right-click menu on the border for custom border color selection; (*) VRay Exposure Control: Affect the Nitrous viewports in 3ds Max 2013 and later; (*) VRay Mtl: The "fix dark edges" option is now "on" by default for newly created materials; (*) VRay Physical Camera: The "Show cone" option now respects the pixel aspect ratio; (*) VRay Physical Camera: Added an "auto guess vert.

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At some point it might become easier to move your scenes and other assets to the new working project, though.

Get Types () [0x00000] in I've also tried a slightly older version of the SDK (that should work with v5), re-importing all assets, deleting all traces of the SDK and re-importing it from the asset store version.

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Roughly, transactions provide synchronization guarantees that are similar to what would be guaranteed when using a single global lock as a guard for all transactions.

Copy everything in the \Crack\Max201x folder into the ds Max 201x\ root folder.

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