Victor webster married dating kids

The level of desperation in DL trying to prove that Matt Bomer is one hell of an actor is becoming worse everyday.

He's not a bad actor but nothing special, he's pretty but not bright-looking, he's out but being the bottom partner of a relationship with a publicist, husband seen with him everywhere speaking on his behalf, his ass is more famous than his talent, his ass is more expressive than his face. A top publicist would have, at best, a mid-six-figure salary. He's the one that put the baby in the closet.[quote]This is a GOSSIP place.

Unfortunately this thread is a perfect example WHY we so rarely get real gossip: you bitches make mountains out of molehills -- e.g.

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Victor webster married dating kids

If you look it the kid's faces it is pretty clear that Hall is the father of the eldest and Bomer and Hall each fathered one of the twins.

I wonder if Halls got the first kid on his own before they were together. The pics of Simon trying to be affectionate while Matt sits upright like a plank of wood are bizarre.

To clarify a few things:1) Bomer was first outed when photos of him passionately kissing an ex (IIRC it was White) made their way onto the Web, via still-unknown means.

I believe this happened shortly after "White Collar" premiered.2) Certain DLers have an utterly bizarre fixation on this man, and possibly even more so his partner Simon Halls; as such, all manner of wild rumors are fabricated out of thin air about the two (e.g.

You can see them referenced in this Just Us Boys thread.

Bomer was "outed" by Perez Hilton the weekend after White Collar premiered, probably on Halls's orders, because they've been cosy every since.It makes no sense not to have done it then, in a state where they could keep the marriage a secret, instead of waiting until 3 years ago, when they probably got married in New York. Who even knows if they told the truth about the marriage.R14 There were rumors here and there that Halls beat up an old boyfriend but people started talking when Bomer was papped outside the plastic surgeons with a big scratch on his face.The sad part is that used to have real gossip before the fangurls decided to invade and drive out every single poster who had real gossip but dared to say something less than flattering about their crushes.Why are you here on a website that states it's gay gossip, news and pointless bitchery if you can't stand any of it?So the fan theory is that one of the twins is Simon's and one is Matt's?


  1. To avoid detection further, the Shake It Off star has been jetting back and forth using her private jet and had security keeping her out of sight at all times.

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