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But rather than drawing out the mystery, it takes a sharp turn and tells us matter-of-factly that of course it was trolls killing the bears, and not only that, here’s one of them ready to bonk you on the head.

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In every sense, Troll Hunter lives up to its ridiculous name and premise. Omar Year: 2014 Director: Hany Abu-Assad Country: Palestine Language: Arabic More trenchant as a political allegory than a character drama, Omar is more interested in the ideas within this slow-burn thriller than in plot machinations.

To writer-director Hany Abu-Assad, maniacal twists and cunning action set pieces would simply get in the way—better that we spend our time thinking about why the characters find themselves in this situation at all.

Movies have the wonderful ability to shift perception and help you to see and understand the other.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in foreign-language films.

French with English subtitles, it’s the type of hidden gem that’s waiting on Netflix Instant to be discovered. 13 Assassins Year: 2011 Director: Takashi Miike Country: Japan Language: Japanese An adaptation of Seven Samurai more in spirit than in tone and plot, Miike’s 13 Assassins is a sprawling blood bath of mythic proportions—so, in other words, nothing new for the Japanese auteur. The Host Year: 2006 Director: Joon-ho Bong Country: South Korea Language: Korean Before he was breaking out internationally with tight action films such as Snowpiercer, this South Korean monster movie was Bong Joon-ho’s big work and calling card.

What Miike later expounded upon with his faithful adaptation of Masaki Kobayashi’s Hara-kiri he began here, translating classic chambara films into neo-realistic accounts of a gritty, painful time for Japanese culture, making historical epics literally eviscerating experiences. Astoundingly successful at the box office in his home country, it straddles several genre lines between sci-fi, family drama and horror, but there’s plenty of scary stuff with the monster menacing little kids in particular.

Unlike many other similar works concerned with race and racism, He Even Has Your Eyes is written in a way that doesn’t attempt to overly explain the black characters’ perspective, or (thank heavens) center any of the white characters either.

Some of the cultural humor specific to Sali’s Senegalese family will only be funny to those of us who grew up in fear of our mothers hearing us suck our teeth.

For a century, cinema has helped us glimpse life in countries where we may never set foot.

While Hollywoodstill dominates the box office, art houses and services like Netflix have given us easy access to films from around the globe.

The film takes place in 1930s Foshan (a city famous for martial arts in southern/central China), where the unassuming wing chung master tries to weather the 1937 Japanese invasion and occupation of China peacefully, but is eventually forced into action. This semi-historical film succeeds gloriously both as cinema and as martial arts fan-bait. From director Lucien Jean-Baptiste (who co-stars in the movie), the French-language comedy centers on a young black couple in Paris who decide to adopt a blue-eyed, blonde-haired, very white baby boy.


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