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(Source: School District of Philadelphia) Still, school leaders report plenty of unmet needs.

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Join our team of highly skilled and fun instructors for an ice-breaking one hour Bachata dance lesson (an easy and exotic Latin Dance).

Then, stay and enjoy an hour of wine, cheese and mingling!

Except, instead of talking about settling down and having kids, the conversations are about helping kids.

Welcome to the School District of Philadelphia’s annual Partnership Fair, a chance for principals and nonprofits to feel each other out and see if they can work together.

Tolson wants to close what she calls the “exposure gap.” More than eight in 10 Anderson students are classified economically disadvantaged, which means they can’t always pay to sign up for extracurricular activities like kids in wealthier neighborhoods do.

“We spend a lot of time thinking about the achievement gap and not necessarily always thinking about the resources and opportunities to fill that exposure gap so that our students are competitive within the city of Philadelphia and across our world,” Tolson said.

There’s a natural limit, though, to what this patchwork of non-profit partners can provide.

Many principals told the district they didn’t have the capacity to juggle more external relationships — even if they could use more help.

There is a potential solution to this structural flaw: school-level coordinators whose primary job is to manage and oversee outside relationships.

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