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“Few places on the planet offer as many activities in such a small area,” he says.

“The people who live here year-round know it’s a gift.” —M. In 1978, six inches of rain in six hours produced a flood that decimated this southern Minnesota town of 111,000.

I can put together a two-hour ride on Logger’s Loop right in town, or I’ll head to Whiteface Mountain for something longer.

For lunch I’ll grab a Buffalo chicken sandwich from Saranac Sourdough.

Better make sure you know the outfitters locals like best. Site of the 19 Winter Games, Lake Placid still feels like an Olympic village. Ski Team member and two-time Olympian Andrew Weibrecht, a Lake Placid native. —Megan Michelson Morning: My day starts with coffee and breakfast at the Olympic Training Center, then a workout.

Midday: On Saturdays, I’ll go out on my mountain bike.

But the resulting flood-control project, which took nearly 20 years to complete and created a series of channels through downtown, yielded ten miles of bike and pedestrian trails.

Those trails are now the epicenter of an 85-mile paved system that radiates out from the world-renowned Mayo Clinic downtown to lakes, green spaces, concert venues, restaurants, and bars.

But come January, the only folks eating fried pickles and clam chowder at the Thirsty Whale Tavern are the 2,600 hardy year-round locals, who wouldn’t want to be anyplace else.

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