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The order of service can be found in the Book of Common Prayer ( Red Book) or in service leaflets distributed to everyone.The Eucharist/Mass includes recognizable elements for those who have belonged to other Christian denominations.Participation in our community includes exploring and dealing with those aspects of human experience.

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CCSW offers a full selection of high quality and durable traffic signs.

These highly visible signs are what you need to alert motorist, protect pedestrians and control traffic.

If you have an interest in one of our groups but choose not to attend worship services you are welcome to attend.

We have members of groups that are not parishioners.

Mass/Eucharist–Celebrated at several times on Sunday and on Wednesdays as well as other occasions.

This is the sharing of a sacred meal of bread and wine in remembrance that Christ died for us.Signs are composed of.080 aluminum and meet all required standards.Select our High Intensity Reflective signs for high-risk areas.At Dutch Mill we will always strive to be on-time or early to every delivery regardless of the size of the event.Every order will be handled with the same care and attention to delivery time and presentation.Food Quality and Presentation At Dutch Mill we still believe the best food is prepared fresh daily.


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