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A suspected wheel thief kicks off on the carriageway.And a drunk dices with death as he walks the wrong way up the middle of the busy A19.

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Plus Kev discovers something in an airing cupboard, and it’s not an odd sock.

An anonymous tip off leads the interceptors to track down a coach load of cage fighters possibly with drugs on board.

When it comes to the law, signs with the speed shown in a red circle are compulsory and must be adhered to.

Signs where the speed limit is not in a red circle are advisory and exceeding these speeds while driving safely within the applicable national speed limit is not in itself an offence. The notice was received beyond the 14 days allowed by law. The speed violation is inconsistent with the traffic signs posted in the area.

This week Interceptor’s Kev Salter and Steve Brant have their work cut out tackling an runaway stolen van, there’s a standoff between armed officers and dangerous knifeman, and Jack Hamilton takes on a guy wielding a length of guttering when a roadside stop spirals out of control. This week dog handler Jimmy Grieves collars a thief in the act.

The Interceptors use the big red key to open the door of a drugs farm, and Darren Cawthorne deals with a driver that’s literally kicking off.

Drivers who speed because of they are in an emergency situation could also use this as a defence in an appeal.

A useful checklist of instances when drivers can contest speeding tickets and fines can be found here .

This week Interceptor Damien Stevens draws his stun gun on an aggressive driver, the hunt for a suspected armed robber a turns up a nasty surprise for dog handler Jimmy Greaves, and Paul Jackson grapples a man with a machete.

Plus cops get kitted up to raid the home of suspected cannabis grower. Jacko rushes to a critical car crash, the Interceptors investigate some potentially hazardous goods, and a young driver makes a mistake she will regret.

They’re on the heels of a gang of armed robbers in an epic high speed chase covering 80 miles and taking them across two counties.

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