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Anyways, as they say, Low crime does not mean No crime, so just stay vigilant and alert in public places and do normal security measures at home, hotel or wherever you maybe. To live there is like sitting on a bomb that will explode anytime.

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In case of road safety, speed limits are implemented in the road too, 30kph is the city limit, some inner city 6 lane roads at 40kph and the national highway at 60Kph.

Discrimination is also not allowed, like discrimination of race and gender, they have implemented fines for that.

You always feel secured walking the street day and night. As my posting down below shows, there are many whole countries with murder rates lower than Davao. The actual statistics from the UN, from the countries themselves, such as Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, Ireland... I was in Afghanistan for a tour and Iraq for another tour. Its my first time to visit Davao.I feel like if i would choose to live in another place..definitely its true..peaceful and safe.. Was it a fluke or could other boat choosing tourist end up at risk?

Do still hoping our President Rodrigo Duterte and the government officials will resolved this case. My kids father has been taking trips to the Philipines to scuba dive and it would disturb them, even me, plus pet cat if he ended up like that.

I have also went around the hiked the vicinity of San Pedro Hospital at am for an hour, wearing some expensive clothing, bringing out my I phone and my audio technica headphones, In other cities, these hours are often known for street robbery, but nothing happened to me there in davao.

Street CCTV's are everywhere too, I heard that they have very clear resolution (an issue for other street cctv's in the PH) so do not fear.

No smoking in public places, There is a liquor ban for public places, also a loud music ban (forgot the time thou). Police patrols check points around Davao during the night, Military check points outside of Davao( checking who is going out and going in the city).

I have also observed that most stores tend to give the exact change, even the taxis I have rode so far, unlike other cities who have to ask you for some coins to fill the gap. Cant walk in to the mall not being searched by guards and metal detector, armed guards in every small store, safest, yes sure safest.

Police are not corrupt and very determined to serve, I have also observed that not much of them are fat *cough cebu cough manila cough other cities.

There are also soldiers with red wristbands (TF davao) roaming around the city with their dirt bikes.

15 March 2010: 1 dead 2 injured A soldier dies after a military truck was bombed by suspected New People's Army guerrillas in Davao City.


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