Dating questions for teens

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Teens outside the church may have different questions. Sex SEE ALSO: 3 Things Every Teen Should Know about Social Media This comes as no surprise, right?

SEE ALSO: 5 Battles Every Dad Will Face with His Daughter We must be aware of what our teens are asking and be willing to address their questions in a loving, truth-filled manner that invites discussion and Bible searching.

That’s why I’ve gathered a list of topics and questions that many teens ask.

Faith The teenage years are when kids must decide if they want to adopt the principles of the faith they’ve been raised with.

This leads to all kinds of questions, such as: by Robert Mc Gee Friends, these are huge, controversial issues!

And, as parents, how can we do our best to encourage open dialogue with our children about these topics?

5 Topics Your Teen Has Big Questions About It may surprise you—and even frighten you—to know what today’s teens are asking about!

The Bible gives us the news of an unshakeable identity that is ours if we believe that Jesus is King, if we believe he died and resurrected for sinners, and if we repent to him for our personal sin.

If we have an immovable identity, then no ex-boyfriend can take it and no girlfriend can change it. Ephesians 5 is one of many great places to begin a discussion on this question.

The conversation was not easy (we talked about everything from dating to porn), but as my husband and I shared transparently and listened genuinely to our teenager’s questions, I was overwhelmed with one thought: Through the years, my husband and I have done our best to be upfront, real, and open about these tough-to-discuss topics with our kids.

However, even though we proactively address issues like sexuality and dating, we’ve seen repeatedly that our two teen boys (and even our tween girl) have questions that we never would have anticipated.

This is not an exhaustive list of questions for each issue, and since every teen is unique, your teen may have different questions.

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