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if the author has a new person speak up precisely when they should.” I find this a fascinating way of looking at it.

As a novelist, I tend to make sure anyone new who isn’t a minor character has piped up or somehow been referenced by about 50 pages in.

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she muttered hostilely." You look for that like a helicopter rescue team looking for a dehydrated Cub Scout in the mountains.

You mentioned in our initial correspondence that it’s “quite interesting in dialogue …

Just one golden one: Always remember that every single word, no matter how insignificant-seeming, has to have had a specific intention in the author's mind as he or she wrote it.

It is one's duty to discern, to divine, or to supply a performative intention to match that writerly intention.

The following incredibly long back-and-forth took place in late May across several emails.

Do you have a philosophy of how to create the perfect audiobook experience?Bronson Pinchot became a household name through Balki Bartokomous, the joyful character he portrayed on the 1986-1993 sitcom Perfect Strangers, and he has had memorable roles in such movies as Risky Business, Beverly Hills Cop, and True Romance.He currently hosts and stars in the DIY Network’s The Bronson Pinchot Project, a reality series in which he renovates properties in Harford, Pennsylvania, but a lesser-known Pinchot factoid is that he’s also a prolific narrator and voice actor for audiobooks, frequently sought out for his ability to get into the guts and psyche of what he’s reading — no matter what he’s reading.Though he was the acknowledged master of English prose style at the time, he is saying, “Even I can’t do this justice.Perhaps you and I should just venture into the story.” He is saying, “It’s irreducible, you must take in the events.” This is a prime example of how standing in for the author — and I don’t mean affecting an English accent and donning an expensive Ralph Fiennes beard, but rather inhabiting the act of storytelling even to the way its rigors affect its rhythms — helps you become the book.The narration is as alive with yearning as any speaking character. I simply experience them the way the reader of a physical copy of the book is meant to do. Any piece of writing is a landscape littered with narrative signposts. Even hideous writing larded with freezer-burned clichés is an indicator that you, as narrator, are going to have to labor to make everything seem as if the writer is coining it on the spot, because the author sincerely imagines that he or she is being vibrantly descriptive.


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