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I am very understanding, open minded with a heart of forgiving, loving and caring with sense of humor, hard working with cheerful character, honest, sincere, kind, warm and intelligent with good looks....

Merginos ar pasakyti kartu jie naudojami pateikti yra tikrai neitiketinas.

Tiesiog pamineti kategorija ir pavyzdys atrodytu priešais jus.

I sent him my new single before anyone else, as I trust him and I know how excited he is to hear it.

I've always been impressed by how he's not been affected by being in the limelight.

He's one of the best [left-backs] out there I think, and I'd say that he's more creative than Ashley Cole, though Ashley's always pinching his place in the England line-up.

Leighton Baines, 28Baines began his football career at Wigan Athletic in 2002, before joining Everton FC.Vienas dalykas, kuris gali labai linksmina vienas asmuo negali net pritraukti kitus. Bet kaip iš tiesu, jei ˛mogus galiausiai atitinka tai, kas jis yra suinteresuotas, nei jis yra tikrai smagiai.Lydinciuosius pramogu natura ar pasakyti malonu elementas, kuris gali vairuoti vienas iš tu beprociu, jei jis tikrai nori smagiai.It was when I was still living in Liverpool and in the Rascals.I'd heard his name mentioned as my mates are really into football, so I was aware of him, even though he plays for Everton and I support Liverpool.Kai Pigus palydos pretenziju, kad jis veikia visiškai balta linija istatymu ir nelau˛yti bet vyriausybes istatymu ir taisykliu.


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